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8 Ways to Get the most out of your YouTube Videos

youtube marketing

Videos go a long way in helping you generate leads because they engage your audience and boost your brand as well. Here are 8 simple ways that you can use to optimize your YouTube videos and get maximum benefits. Title Since there’s hardly any room for text on YouTube, you have to ensure that the title for your video is ...

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Best YouTube marketing tips for 2013

youtube marketing wallpaper

If you didn’t already know, YouTube is owned by Google. With that in mind it may be a great idea to create a YouTube Channel for your business and start producing videos for YouTube. With more than 1 billion unique users each month, YouTube qualifies as a marketing tool that is worth using. Set up your YouTube Channel It is ...

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YouTube Geek Week Surprises

youtube geek week

In honour to YouTube’s first Geek Week event, YouTube provided some special surprises for their users. They set custom searches that produce unusual results like unlocking arcade game Missile Command or adding amazing effects to the search results. 1980 Missile Command arcade game To start the game, play a random YouTube video and then type 1980. Not in the search, ...

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11 video facts that are useful for your business

web video marketing

Video marketing is going to get bigger and more important to you, your credibility, your business and your brand, no matter what your position is or what you are promoting. Actually video marketing has been big and important from a long time. Many years TV advertising was one of the most effective marketing tools. But now the scene is changing. ...

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