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Google Authorship trends in 2014

Google Authorship

Update: On 29th of August 2014 Google officially removed authorship Fortunately we can still use rich snippets data markup – more information at https://developers.google.com/structured-data/?rd=1 Google authorship will be a must for all website owners in 2014. Google are trying to revolve heavily around high-quality content, trust, and value. That’s why they announced the authorship. Every author must stand with his ...

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Creating JSON API with pagination

The goal of today’s tutorial is to create a REST API with pagination. The API will get several values from MySQL and then convert them to JSON format. For the purpose of the tutorial we will get the post_title and the post_date from ftutorials’s MySQL. In your real API you can print whatever data you want. Create a file api.php ...

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Multilingual wordpress site with Polylang

multilingual wordpress site with polylang

In this tutorial I will show you how to easily translate your website with the Polylang wordpress plugin. With this plugin you can translate posts, pages, media, categories, post tags, menus, widgets and etc. And the most important – it’s free. First make sure you are using WordPress 3.1 or later and that your server is running PHP5. Then install ...

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Creating a Full Width Background Image

full width background

In this tutorial I will show you a few simple ways to create a full page responsive background image. The main idea is the image to be centered on page, not to cause scrollbars, without white space and of course to adapt with the browser resolution. Full Page Background Image with CSS3 The whole secret is to use the CSS3 ...

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Open HTML form in new Window/Tab after submit

target blank wallpaper

Opening HTML form in new tab after submitted is easier than you expect. We use the target=”_blank” attribute, the same way as making a link open in new tab. <form action="someaction.php" method="post" target="_blank"> ... </form> Opening HTML form in new Window/Tab by using jQuery Here is an alternative way for opening form in new tab by using jQuery in case ...

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Insert HTML5 audio in your website

html5 audio

Before HTML5, it was very hard to embed audio in your website. In most cases, you had to use flash. Now thanks to the <audio> element, creating an audio player for your website is much easier. In this tutorial I will show you how to embed sounds in a web page. We will also take a look at how to ...

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How to create a Sidebar for your WordPress Theme

creting wordpress sidebar

Most of the wordpress themes use only one dynamic sidebar. So if you want to create a professional wordpress template, which provides users with higher amount of customizing options, you need to add a variety of sidebars for different pages. You can also put a new sidebar in the header, footer or in any other area of your template. Let’s ...

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How to create a facebook fan page tab with custom design

facebook great fan pages

If you want to create a custom facebook fan page tab like this then this tutorial is for you. The code Nowadays you can code for facebook  in simple HTML, CSS, PHP, jQuery. Everything works. Just make sure that your app is 810px wide. And here comes the first problem. Your custom page will be cut or will scroll down, ...

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How to get facebook API Key and Secret

find facebook api key and secret key

1) Go to https://developers.facebook.com/apps 2) Click on Create New App 1) Go to https://developers.facebook.com/apps 2) Click on Create New App 3) Fill in the required information Here is your App ID/API Key and App Secret. 4) Don't forget to turn Sandbox Mode to Off. Otherwise you will be the only person who can see the app. 5) The last&hellip; How ...

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How to Create a Website

HTML5, css3, photoshop wallpaper

If you are new to web development and are wondering from where to start, this article is for you. Let’s first discuss your needs. If you need just a blog, where to write your views, thoughts or advices, Blogger is the perfect option. It’s simple, easy to use blogging platform with many templates, so you can easily customize your blog for ...

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How to find wordpress category ID

find wordpress cat id

A number of versions ago, WordPress has stopped showing category IDs in the Admin area. However, there’s still a way to find these ID’s. Login to the admin section, then go to Posts > Categories. After that click on the title of the desired category. Then look at the site url. It should be something like: wp-admin/edit-tags.php?action=edit&taxonomy=category&tag_ID=5&post_type=post. tag_ID=5 – that’s ...

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