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7 Excellent CSS3 responsive menu tutorials

responsive menu tutorial

For your comfort, we have created a collection of the best CSS3 responsive menu tutorials. From these CSS3 tutorials you will learn how to create a user friendly navigation menu that looks good from each screen resolution. 1. Responsive Navigation Menu without javascript   Demo | Read the tutorial 2. Responsive Drop down menu Demo | Read the tutorial 3. ...

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Responsive PHP contact form with jQuery field validation

jQuery form validation

In the previous tutorial I showed you how to create a Responsive PHP contact form with HTML5 validation. But for some clients, HTML5 form validation is not cool enough, so they prefer the jQuery version. The advantages of jQuery validation are that you can easily customize the error text messages, their color and position. And it has a better browser ...

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Creating Simple Responsive HTML5 and PHP Contact Form

responsive email form php

In this tutorial I will show you how to create a responsive html5 contact form for your website in just a few minutes. Having a Contact form is essential for any website, because this is the connection with your visitors and clients. The form is divided in two parts – the HTML5/CSS3 Responsive part and the PHP backend code part ...

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Checking your website from different resolutions

responsive design

Nowadays, creating responsive website is a must. Nobody takes a serious look at websites that look awful from mobile devices or compact laptops. But how to make sure that our website looks good from all devices. Here are three solutions: Screenfly At http://quirktools.com/screenfly you can test how your website looks from all kinds of devices – Desktop computer, Notebook, Kindle ...

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Creating a Full Width Background Image

full width background

In this tutorial I will show you a few simple ways to create a full page responsive background image. The main idea is the image to be centered on page, not to cause scrollbars, without white space and of course to adapt with the browser resolution. Full Page Background Image with CSS3 The whole secret is to use the CSS3 ...

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Creating responsive web design

responsive webdesign

In this tutorial I will show you how to code your website in a way that it automatically conforms itself to multiple screen sizes. No matter if you open your website from laptop, tablet or smartphone, it will still look good. What is responsive design? To see it in action, just open this article on a desktop pc browser and ...

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