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Force URLs to lowercase with htaccess and PHP

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When optimizing your website (SEO) you must check if your website URLs load both with lowercase and uppercase letters. For example mysite.com/My-URL and mysite.com/my-url. It may even be mixed. This is bad and if you don’t fix it, it may harm your website optimization. The solution is to force browsers to redirect all URLs to the lowercase version. The Australian ...

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Creating JSON API with pagination

The goal of today’s tutorial is to create a REST API with pagination. The API will get several values from MySQL and then convert them to JSON format. For the purpose of the tutorial we will get the post_title and the post_date from ftutorials’s MySQL. In your real API you can print whatever data you want. Create a file api.php ...

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How to Create a Website

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If you are new to web development and are wondering from where to start, this article is for you. Let’s first discuss your needs. If you need¬†just a blog, where to write your views, thoughts or advices, Blogger is the perfect option. It’s simple, easy to use blogging platform with many templates, so you can easily customize your blog for ...

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