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How to reset WordPress password from PhpMyAdmin

lost wordpress password

Nowadays, it might be very common to forget the password for your own blog. When trying to protect ourselves from hackers, we are thinking too complicated passwords that are not easy to remember. Or the even more difficult option – we auto generate random passwords that are impossible to remember. Your blog password might also be hacked or something else. ...

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Creating JSON API with pagination

The goal of today’s tutorial is to create a REST API with pagination. The API will get several values from MySQL and then convert them to JSON format. For the purpose of the tutorial we will get the post_title and the post_date from ftutorials’s MySQL. In your real API you can print whatever data you want. Create a file api.php ...

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Export cyrillic mysql database to csv

cyrillic encoding

Very common encoding problem is when you are trying to export cyrillic mysql database to CSV for MS Excel. We all know what is the normal export procedure – go to phpMyAdmin > select the desired table and click Export. For Export Method choose Custom – display all possible options. Then change the encoding to utf-16. The problem when you ...

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