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Div not Adjusting Height based on Content

text over other text css

Have you ever wondered why your div height is not expanding with the content in it. For example if you have a dynamic, user generated text and you don’t know every time the exact height of the content, but below you have another div with relative position, then that might be a problem.  In this quick tip I will show ...

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Remove the title from one or many WordPress pages

remove wordpress title

To remove the WordPress page/post title from your theme is somehow easy – you need access to your theme files and some basic coding skills. Usually it is placed in page.php for pages and in single.php for posts (in your theme root folder). After you open the required file just search for and then remove You can find more information ...

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Margin 0 auto is not working

a piece of css code

Very common problem nowadays is how to actually make margin: 0 auto; to work. You probably know that this CSS rule is used to center some content horizontally on the page. But sometimes it just refuses to work properly. First check if some of the following solutions will help: The element must not have a fixed or absolute position Try ...

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