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Remove the title from one or many WordPress pages

remove wordpress title

To remove the WordPress page/post title from your theme is somehow easy – you need access to your theme files and some basic coding skills. Usually it is placed in page.php for pages and in single.php for posts (in your theme root folder). After you open the required file just search for and then remove

<?php the_title(); ?>

You can find more information in the WordPress codex.

Remove All Page Titles with CSS

You can remove the title from all pages by opening your main CSS file (usually style.css) and adding the following code

.page .entry-title { display: none; }

If you want to remove the Posts title, then use

.post .entry-title { display: none; }

Simple, right? Unfortunately this method is not recommended from SEO issues.

Remove Title from only one page

For some reason, we might need to remove the Page Title from only one page. Again, the easiest way to solve this problem is with CSS.

.page-id-PAGEIDHERE .entry-title { display: none; }

For example if you want to remove the title for Page with id 426, here is your CSS code:

.page-id-426 .entry-title { display: none; }


You can find the Page id when you open the certain page and look at the url. For example the url https://ftutorials.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=426&action=edit is for Page with id 426.

For some reason you might not want to remove the page title, but just add different style to it. Then use

.page-id-426 .entry-title { color:#1c3e95 !important; }

This will make the page Title with blue color.

If you have any further questions on this topic, you can share them in the comments.

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