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Merryelle design

MerryElle design

Merryelle design is a brand created by the talented graphic designer Maria Stoyanova, who specializes in logo design. Her work is amazing.   Maria is a Bulgarian graphic designer and entrepreneur. She started her career by winning a $300 logo contest in 99 designs. After winning a few more contests she realizes that she can get enough income by doing ...

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No more passwords with Clef

stop using passwords clef

That’s the promise from Clef, a new WordPress security plugin that let’s you securely log in with no passwords. There’s no doubt that passwords are painful. Every day, it seems like we need to remember one more long password with 10 characters, 4 numbers and a compelling character arc. On average, we need to remember more than 25 passwords each, ...

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Introducing Ghost – Simple and elegant Blogging Platform

Ghost logo

Ghost is an Open Source blogging platform, aiming to make blogging easy and even fun to do it. It’s simple, elegant, and designed so that you can spend less time making your blog work and more time blogging. WordPress is amazing, but it became too big and complicated. It’s not that fast and simple blogging platform that some people need. ...

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