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Make Opencart product filters show as a dropdown instead of checkbox

opencart filters select

Common Opencart themes issue is that filters appear as a checkbox instead of the better looking dropdown select. If you were wondering how to fix this, here is a short tip. This tutorial is part of the Ftutorials Opencart tutorials and will also help you understand the Opencart logic. Open catalog/view/theme/your_template/template/module/filter.tpl – this is where the modules of your theme ...

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How to display products from subcategories to the parent directory in Opencart

Opencart wallpaper

When working on a client’s Opencart store, I have met the following problem. The products wasn’t appearing in the category page, only in the subcategories. Imagine that you have 5 subcategories in one category. When you open each of them they have products, but the main category stays empty. I want to display all products from subcategories to parent category. ...

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Div not Adjusting Height based on Content

text over other text css

Have you ever wondered why your div height is not expanding with the content in it. For example if you have a dynamic, user generated text and you don’t know every time the exact height of the content, but below you have another div with relative position, then that might be a problem.  In this quick tip I will show ...

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Change WordPress from Email Title

change wordpress from mail title

A very common WordPress problem is that the emails come in the inbox from “Wordpress” as sender. That’s not very representative for your users. For example if user wants to reset his password, he receives confirmation email not from your website, but from WordPress. Here’s a Quick Tip how to fix that. Simply open the functions.php file of your theme ...

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Remove the title from one or many WordPress pages

remove wordpress title

To remove the WordPress page/post title from your theme is somehow easy – you need access to your theme files and some basic coding skills. Usually it is placed in page.php for pages and in single.php for posts (in your theme root folder). After you open the required file just search for and then remove You can find more information ...

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